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Mammoth Trading

As every water resource problem is unique, so are our markets. Our platforms are tailored to meet the needs of the communities we serve.


Water markets are in the news a lot, but not all things that call themselves markets actually are. We're the real deal. We design and operate market-based solutions in ways that are theoretically sound and practically proven.

Real deal


We show people the value of their water at a field level, combining physical sciences, economics, and business. Our integrated approach is unlike any other, helping you manage your water and allocations cost-effectively.

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Water management is not just about good science and policy. It’s also about your community. As you roll out new plans, we help managers craft a tailored strategy that engages stakeholders, builds capacity, and maximizes buy-in.

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How We Work


Our business is built on the idea that using water where it’s valued most is key to good stewardship and community vitality, now and in the future.


Our first mission is to get to know you and the needs you have around water. We aspire to provide unparalleled service. You bring local knowledge and concerns. We bring expertise and worldwide experience.


We strive to be the best at what we do. We consider ourselves students for life, constantly incorporating the best science and technology to improve our practice.

Confidence & Clarity

We make it easy for you to understand and increase the value of your water–with markets, analysis, and strategy. Our products and services are fair, easy to understand, and confidential. We value privacy as much as you do.

About us

Our team is comprised of economists, hydrologists, coders, and people who love people. Meet the dedicated, smart, and reliable team that makes this all possible.