Design: Markets are a great risk management tool, allowing water to flow to its most productive uses. But creating a new water market with the right rules is hard. Let us help! Our markets are clear and fair, treating everyone equally. Our trading rules incorporate geophysical processes, statutory obligations, and community values.

Implementation: There’s an enormous gap between talking about markets and actually running them. We launched the first smart market for water in the world. And the second. And the… you get the point. Smart markets offer a hub to trade water rights, guaranteeing compliance even for the most complex regulations. We believe your financial information is private and confidential, so we never share your prices with anyone. Ours is the first such system in the world.

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The value, risk, and reliability of your water vary within a growing season, year-to-year, and field-to-field. While our competitors offer products that aggregate data regionally and over time, we understand that in doing so, they have lost value to you, the customer. Instead, we help you to understand the importance of your water assets with detailed analyses and insight.

Field-level analyses are crucial for regional decision-making too. We evaluate policy changes from the field up, understanding how policy options affect—and how much they affect—water users across space.

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Developing a robust framework for water management is challenging and not done overnight. As a water manager, you know that rolling out the wrong strategy can set you back years and cost you the progress you’ve made. We help to build a comprehensive messaging and rollout strategy for your management plans: one that engages and resonates with your stakeholders.

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